We created a team joining strong allies to keep your health on track! A product line totally dedicated to health and wellness care. Each compound, lots of benefits to you.

propolis spray, mel, pomegranate and mint

Joined antibiotics benefits of propolis, Vitamins Honey, the anti-inflammatory action and pomegranate mint menthol powers a compound, able to help in the treatment of infections in the mouth and throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, hoarseness and cough dry.

propolis spray, mel, pomegranate and ginger

Antibiotics benefits of propolis, Vitamins Honey, the anti-inflammatory action and pomegranate antioxidant power of ginger together into a powerful compound action against bad breath and infections of the mouth and throat.

propolis spray, mel, guaco e poejo

The benefits of propolis antibiotics and vitamins and nutrients Honey, combined with the power of guaco expectorant and sweat properties of pennyroyal, They gave rise to a compound leader in the recovery of colds and flu.

propolis spray, honey and mauve

If you want to keep your body free of infections, with good immunity and still have a nourishing action and vitamins honey, this spray should be your new companion bag.

propolis extract

You will not believe the amount of benefits that propolis can bring to your life. Since the prevention of respiratory diseases, to benefits to teeth and skin. Try to want forever.

pollen bee

The main course of bees is also a nutritional treasure for humans. The nutritional value of the grains is enhanced by the saliva of bees they are full of enzymes and vitamins.

is a reseller

In addition to the bees and beekeepers our dear partners,
we have a sensational team that is always looking for new talent to strengthen the team.
How about helping us spread the purity of our honey so?

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Here we take very seriously and purity will always keep the
promise to take the honey bee pro Direct little pot.

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