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We know well how difficult it is to stay healthy today, especially with the amount of preservatives and chemical additions to our food receive daily. That's why we are faithful what nature gives us and fulfill the promise of taking the honey bee pro Direct little pot, without altering its natural composition, keeping all its purity and its nutrients intact. After all, no need to complicate, because it is simpler to be pure.

Mel Silvestre

The wild honey reflects the authentic taste of nature. It is the most consumed honey and Brazil does very well to the body, it acts on behalf of the biological balance, nervous system and respiratory system.

Organic honey

Pure and simple. So is our Organic honey, that focuses on technical and non aggressive beekeeping systems for the environment and your health.

Brown sugar

We love brown sugar. It is a natural food because it is produced from molasses, which keeps the color, vitamins and minerals.

Selected vintages

Honey Melato of Bracatinga

The honeydew honey bee bracatinga is produced by secretion from bracatinga.

Honey Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus honey is slightly less sweet than other honeys, but no less tasty.

Honey Grape Japan

Honey grape Japan stems from the flowers of a tree called "Hovenia Dulces". It is considered a rare and noble bloom.

Honey Orange

The orange flowers leave a sweet taste and all this special honey.

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In addition to the bees and beekeepers our dear partners,
we have a sensational team that is always looking for new talent to strengthen the team.
How about helping us spread the purity of our honey so?

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Here we take very seriously and purity will always keep the
promise to take the honey bee pro Direct little pot.

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